Pastor's Letter

January 11, 2017

Dear Brook Hollow Family, 

“I dedicate the rest of my life to live for Jesus Christ.” “Jesus is the most important person in my life.” “Jesus, from now own, I am following and obeying you.”  At some point, most of us have made one of these statements. It might have been at the altar during a worship service.  It might have occurred while you were at VBS or church camp.  Or you might have been alone…just you and God.

These are good statements to make and I highly encourage you to keep the promise that accompanies each statement. Several years ago, the Wednesday night study spent weeks exploring the book, What’s the Least I can Believe and Still Be a Christian? by Martin Thielen. (Thielen was interim pastor at BHBC in the mid-1990’s.) I do not recall every teaching point of the book, but the title continues to resonate with me. The title was meant to grab your attention, to cause you to stop and pick up the book and investigate its content. It is a good title but it should not serve as a mission statement for someone who has made one of the previous statements.

As we begin 2018, maybe you are thinking, "What is the least I can do?" As a maturing Christian, I hope you are spending time reflecting on how you will live for Jesus in 2018. Let me offer three suggestions to incorporate into our journey with God for a new year. Each week, plan to spend a minimum of one hour in Sacred Worship. Join with other Christians at Brook Hollow, or wherever you can gather, and worship God. Each week, plan to spend a minimum of one hour in Bible Study with other Christians.  This should not take the place of individual study but you will discover accountability, fellowship, and encouragement in a small group Bible study. Finally, each week, plan to spend a minimum of one hour in Christian Service to others. A discipline that is often overlooked in authentic Christianity is hospitality to others. Christian hospitality is always well received and is a fantastic testimony.

In 2018, let’s take seriously our promise to live for Jesus.


Pastor Tom